4 Effective ways to Increase your Instagram Followers

Did you know you can use Instagram to promote your brand? That’s right! The picture-based social networking website is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. With a large number of followers on your Instagram account, you can get a greater audience to know about your brand and build a strong online presence. Here are some quick and highly effective ways that will get you potential followers without much effort.

Instagram advertising

If your budget allows, you can also spend a few dollars and go for social advertising. An Instagram sponsored advertisement is a very powerful and the fastest technique to get potential followers for your account. Another quick method is to buy real Instagram followers. A greater number of followers makes an account more credible. Once you have bought sufficient number of followers, you will start getting more followers automatically.


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Instagram hashtags can be a wonderful way to get you exposure to a broader audience as users other than your followers can know about your account. However, it is important to use the relevant tags sparingly and smartly. You can look for the popular tags that are constantly trending and choose the ones that are related to your picture. Using two to three such tags will increase your profile’s visibility and followers.

Another interesting Instagram feature is the Geotagging, which refers to including the location where the picture was taken. If the GPS is enabled on your phone, Instagram will automatically add a location otherwise you can enter it manually. This technique can significantly boost your account as other users who have posted pictures in the same location as you will be able to see your post and might follow you.

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Nobody would want to follow your account if you never post anything. It is necessary to stay active and keep posting relevant pictures, considering the theme of your account and current trends. Also make sure that you do not post a lot of pictures in a single day, as it can clog up the followers’ newsfeeds. One picture at a time and two to three pictures per day are enough.

The key to gain more followers is to post regularly, consistently and at the right time. While you could be uploading the most beautiful picture, if you post it at a time when most users are offline, then you are minimizing your chances of gaining new followers. You should make an Instagram post at a time when most users are online and can see it. If your audience are full-time workers, they are most likely to be checking their social media after work or at lunch time. But, if you are targeting stay-at-home audience, then you can post at any time during the day.

Interesting captions

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Since Instagram is just posting pictures and videos, most accounts do put captions, without realizing that it reduces the probability of gaining more followers. Using the power of words and adding funny or clever captions to your photos could be an excellent way to attract users. You can encourage your audience to share their opinion about the picture in the comments or simple ask a general question. Through this engagement, your posts and account will become visible to more users. Another trick is to use long, but compelling captions that will make the users view more of your posts and follow your account.  Many people tell interesting stories with their pictures to generate sharing and engagement.

– Article originally appeared on The SocioHawk blog.




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